Asset Price last 24h Held by ICONOMI
Blocktix $0.01 49.05%
Nexium $0.00 28.26%
Obyte $40.36 20.23%
Zilliqa $0.02 9.45%
Storj $0.28 8.85%
iExec RLC $0.36 7.17%
Quantstamp $0.02 6.46%
Holo $0.01 6.38%
ChainLink $1.86 5.27%
Swarm City $0.15 5.16%
MaidSafeCoin $0.20 4.82%
Request $0.02 4.70%
Bitcoin Cash $478.57 4.36%
Edgeless $0.07 4.12%
adToken $0.01 3.80%
district0x $0.02 3.78%
Wanchain $0.41 3.47%
Cindicator $0.02 3.44%
Kyber Network $0.26 2.82%
CyberMiles $0.05 2.54%
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Bitcoin price -v- Google Trends data for 'Bitcoin'
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