I love getting texts like this after a face-melting Bitcoin pump. https://t.co/4q3K7DlxQM
$BTC Are we Parabolic? A Parabolic Blow-off top has been my primary view for some time now. Parabolic curves are tricky. So, be careful because she will have a deep retrace $BTC has already done a marvelous job, but, the higher the stretch, the better for Bulls #Bitcoin #BTC https://t.co/FaxekEigVC
Jumping into some alts here with spot. $XRP and $ETH for now. I think BTC rallies over 7k before we see a more sizeable retracement (larger Wave 4). At that point alts should really take off. If ETH heads to high 170's or low 180's before $210, I will look to open margin longs.
John McAfee slams US authorities as government closes in https://t.co/zmEDJjB22F
Starting off @EtherealSummit day two by celebrating the best projects from the @Gitcoin + @Microsoft Virtual Hackathon. Congrats to Enable for winning Best In Show with their global lending platform. https://t.co/iOyba8IuF5
We are so lucky and blessed to accidentally make money. It is hard to distinguish from the lottery. Entirely luck based.
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People, be clear: you cannot expect a government to better itself. Thieves, who know thieving and nothing else, starve by bettering themselves. It is up to the people to better the government. We chose them. Now choose someone else.
What is the best article you read this week? Any topic is fair game.
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