4/ Debate can have many purposes. I aim for the one with Murad - a debate focused on exploring assumptions to learn and challenge one’s own ideas.
3/ for example, by clarifying that my assumptions around censorship of transactions requires a lack of state ability to censor the internet, then I’ll recognize the launch of crypto satellites as very significant, and if they were shot down, also very significant.
2/ one benefit of this, even if it doesn’t lead to a different conclusion, is that by clarifying our implicit assumptions we learn about the system generally and can be on the lookout for new info that would falsify our conclusion.
For those who followed my debate with @MustStopMurad, that’s why I’m on twitter. I agree with Murad on 95% of things, but want to challenge him (and myself) to rigorously test all of our assumptions and mental models that feed in to our conclusions on how to invest.
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