Incorporating prototype thinking into your development process is key to refining the functionality of your product design. Here's @VanbexK and our talented Senior Designer, Tim collaborating to deliver the best products in the space.😉 #TeamworkMakesTheDreamWork #TeamVanbex
There is now also over 10m $PNK currently staked in the @Kleros_io courts (equivalent to $60k). The more PNK you stake, the more likely you are to be chosen as a juror, uphold the Ethfinex Token Listing Criteria and earn bounties!
The second phase of Zero CT implementation includes confidential transactions and allows for private staking. This means the transaction amounts will no longer be visible on the blockchain and no need for denomination based accumulators. Read More here:
Tune in to #AMA No. 24 with Mary, Matt and David on Monday, March 25th at 6pm UTC (1pm EST) on @Youtube. Don’t miss the opportunity to ask your questions about #HoloFuel! #Holochain #OpenSource #CloudComputing #Holo #Hosting #p2p #crypto #cryptocurrency
Over 40 tokens have already applied to take part in our brand new token listing process, with the pool of eligible tokens filling up fast! Discover how to propose a token below and remember - we never charge a listing fee.
📣NEW REPORT 📣 Last Week in Crypto, as told by Santiment data -> Inside: -Are Binance AMA pumps a ‘thing’ now? -When the ‘Samsung’ effect wears down -Who’s sending millions of DENT to Binance? -How a Palm Venice Beach pump works -Are IEOs the new ICOs?
"TRON’s newly adopted project @BitTorrent continues to make waves in the crypto sphere and this is evidenced by the increasing number of exchanges listing BitTorrent’s $BTT token." $TRX #TRX
Jalisco State Government met with team Ripple to discuss how Mexico is leading the charge in #blockchain and #fintech innovation.
$ARAW has been temporarily de-listed as we investigate an issue with deposits on this market. Once we have more information we will share it.
It’s literally just a big wash trader. Notice how longs increase the same as shorts.
#Nxt forging reward is up and running for two weeks already! Set up a node, start forging and receive a reward in $IGNIS! As additional incentive to $NXT forgers #Jelurida is buying back NSC monetary system currency, all details here: