This project is in no way affiliated to nor endorsed by ICONOMI - the cryptocurrency company.

ICN hodler started as a hobby project after I realised that I was visting reddit, coinmarketcap, etherscan etc.. on a daily basis to get an overview of what was happening with ICONOMI and the ICN token. I felt if I could pull all of this data in to the one place, it would save me time and so I put together a jsfiddle which imported some key ICN metrics and latest news in to the one place.

That did the job but it wasn't particularly pretty to look at. It also became difficult to manage as I pulled in more and more data. It became clear I'd need more organisation / structure with the code if I wanted to continue adding stuff. And so that's how this site came about.

If you have any feedback or suggestions, please add them to the ICN Hodler Github Issues. You can also find ICN hodler on twitter @ICNHodler. Also keep in mind this is a one man band hobby project I update in my spare time so it won't move as quickly as I'd like it to. Donations are always welcome as not only does it cost time to design, develop and maintain this stuff but there'll be increasing financial costs over time as we fetch, store and compute increasing amounts of data for more complex features and analysis. There's literally an infinite amount of work that can be done to help inform, educate and entertain us ICN hodlers.

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