Asset Price last 24h Held by ICONOMI
First Blood $0.13 29.38%
Viberate $0.04 13.10%
Augur $21.60 11.89%
Basic Attention Token $0.36 11.32%
TenX $0.28 11.17%
Mithril $0.05 10.28%
Blocktix $0.03 6.89%
Civic $0.08 6.49%
SingularDTV $0.02 5.70%
Binance Coin $20.90 5.61%
Exponential Age Array $0.38 5.40%
Nexium $0.01 5.28%
iExec RLC $0.52 5.10%
XRP $0.34 4.82% $4.49 4.69%
Factom $9.22 4.67%
Tactical Gains Array $0.04 4.13%
William Mougayar High Growth Cryptoassets Index $49.23 4.08%
Trade $0.31 4.02%
Qtum $2.96 3.98%
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