Green Machine

Green Machine is the official ICN Hodler crypto strategy on ICONOMI. All fees earned through the strategy go towards the maintenance and development of the ICN Hodler website and it's various spinoff projects such as the Crypto Charts library.

Overview of strategy

We believe that the crypto market is heavily correlated with Bitcoin, therefore we select assets and adjust weights based on assets we believe are undervalued / overvalued against BTC. If we feel that Bitcoin is at or near a point where it's about to pull back sharply, we won't hesitate to exit all markets in to stablecoins.

How do we select assets?

Firstly, we only add coins that we feel are liquid. We apply technical analysis over longer time periods (1d & 1w) to all assets. We mainly look for signs of RSI divergence, volume changes and EMA / MACD crossovers to determine whether an asset is overvalued / undervalued or is in an uptrend / downtrend. We apply technical analysis on shorter time frames (mainly 4h, 1h and 15min) to determine entry / exit points. On rare occassions we may overlook techncial analysis and buy the rumour, sell the news if we believe major announcements are about to happen.

How do we weight assets?

Coins that we believe are in the early stages of growth against BTC will have a higher weight than others. We'll take profit from coins regularly and gradually scale down holdings in any asset we feel is entering a longer term downtrend against BTC. If we like an asset but don't believe it's going to outperform Bitcoin in the short term, we'll simply remove it or scale it down to a very small weight.

Why invest in Green Machine above other strategies?

As mentioned earlier, all fees earned through the strategy go towards the maintenance and development of the ICN Hodler website. In addition to that, at the time of writing (4th March 2020), Green Machine has above average performance on the ICONOMI platform over all time periods and has also delivered consistent gains over BTC - it's now +70% against BTC over the past 6 months. We will work towards automating the strategy and continously raise the bar in terms of analysing performance.

How do I invest?

You can invest in Green Machine on the ICONOMI platform. If you gave any questions send a private message to jesusthatsgreat on the ICN Hodler slack.